Lunch Decision Maker

Project Type: Web Application Skills and Software Used: PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Yelp API

Ever have trouble deciding where to go for lunch? Lunch Decision Maker is a web app that uses the Yelp API to pull in lunch spots based on your address and then selects one of those spots at random.  The app is written in PHP and JavaScript and allows you to randomly choose from up to 20 lunch locations. 

Enter your location, either address or zip code, select a search area between a quarter mile and 15 miles, sort by distance or rating, and choose the maximum number of results up to 20. Click “Find Lunch Spots” to get a list of restaurant options. “Uncheck” any restaurants you don’t want to include in the final random decision, and then select “Choose My Lunch!” Your random lunch destination is revealed.

Lunch Decision Maker Website